Her Communications Agency (HerComms or HCA) is a marketing communications and research firm devoted to women and girls–the first in the United States! In March 2014, HerComms was conceptualized by Danyelle R. Carter, a Spelman College student majoring in Comparative Women’s Studies with a concentration in Girls.

Her Communications Agency is framed by theories that conceptualize women and girls as a distinct, yet diverse, groups whose members have been discriminated against but as capable individuals influence the worlds in which they live. We draw attention to the literal absence and voicelessness that affect the lives of women and girls.

Who is HerComms for? You and your passion–if it’s relates to helping women and girls–we want to help you reach your audience and make money along the way. How can you be a part of HerComms’s mission? We invite you to consider some questions that extend into practice, policy, and theory.

Ask yourself what makes a woman or girl unique? What invokes a range of legal and ethical obligations? What socio-political forms of girls’ inform constructs framed as being in the best interest of girls and women and in doing the most-good and least harm? If you get a moment, share with us how you’ve shifted your way of not only thinking inclusively about women and girls but plan to start contributing to creating an equal country for all of us.


Our values are compassion, candor, camaraderie, and challenge.


Women and Girls too! (To have the stories of women & girls shared too!)


To share the stories of women and girls across the world.


In March 2014, I began conceptualizing Her Communications Agency, a marketing communications and research firm committed to advancing the lives of women and girls. I knew I had the passion, connections and (most importantly) the know-how, but I wanted to understand women and girls on a deeper level.

I wanted to learn more about who we are, how we are shaped, what we like and dislike, how we engage and why we disengage, and what brings us the most joy.

I spoke with women. I spoke with girls (tweens and teens). I admired my four beautiful nieces Amora (6), Elizabeth (3), Victoria (1), and Lillian (4 months) and fell in love with the future they could have if I work hard each day to make sure they live in a world that listens to them and supports them.

I’ve always loved research and writing. I’ve always been a firm advocate for women and girls. As women, our voices aren’t always heard and our needs are often pushed outside the margin, never centered.

Through HerComms, I want to tell the hidden stories and overlooked missions of women. I want to help women shape their narratives and find their audiences. I want to provide a megaphone and stage presence for women and girls to voice the issues and causes they care about. I launched HerComms on the strength of my passion, the nurturing and supporting community of women (peers and staff) in Spelman College’s Women’s Research & Resource Center. I owe them my world for encouraging me to be a scholar, change agent and activist.

Welcome to HerComms <3