How can you be a part of HerComms’ mission?

We invite you to consider some questions that extend into practice, policy, and theory. Ask yourself what makes a woman or girl unique? What invokes a range of legal and ethical obligations? What socio-political forms of girls’ inform constructs framed as being in the best interest of women and girls? Lastly, how will you ensure the most-good and least harm as you work to include women and girls in order to create an equal country for all of us. Our client base is filled with activist and advocates for women and girls. For each organization, we develop a custom strategy that integrates phases of intelligence and insights, communications, and social media and digital marketing.


Our values are compassion, candor, camaraderie, and challenge.


Women and Girls too! (To have the stories of women & girls shared too!)


To share the stories of women and girls across the world.


In March 2014, I launched Her Communications Agency because of my 10 nieces and three sisters. I was enamoured with the thought of them growing up in a world that listens to them and supports them. Through Her Communications Agency, I want to tell the hidden stories and overlooked work of women. I want to help women shape their narratives and find their audiences. I want to provide a megaphone and stage presence for women and girls to voice the issues and causes they care about. I launched HerComms on the strength of my passion, the nurturing and supporting community of women in Spelman College’s Women’s Research & Resource Center. I owe Dr. Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Dr. M. Bahati Kuumba, Ms. Dana Pride Jones and Ms. Cynitha Moore the world for making me a scholar-actvist.

Danyelle R. Carter