This core list of journals in women and gender studies serves as a tool for building women and gender studies collections. The serials provide a foundation for study and research from a feminist perspective within the humanities, sciences and social sciences. 

The core list includes selected titles that are covered in three or more women and gender studies indexes, or that provide critical information for women and gender studies collection development.The list is reviewed and updated annually.



“feminism in motion”


“the best-selling lesbian magazine”


“for women who write”


“The cultural road map for city girls everywhere.”


“girl of my dreams” 

Women’s Health

“it’s good to be you.”


“For women with something to get off their chests.” 

Shameless (CA)

“your regular dose of fresh feminism for girls and trans youth.”

Hoax is a US bi-annual queer, feminist, compilation zine that aims to create a space to analyze the feminism in our everyday lives.

Girls Don’t Zine is a non-profit zine making fun of society’s expectations of women. Examples being that girls don’t poop, have body hair, have a willy, or cut their toe nails.

Sophie, feminist blogger and the creator of these zines, is a DIY feminist/artist/photographer based in Norwich, England. She makes limited edition zines and postcards.

Ripley covers lots of fab feminism and tackle issues in the real world. It’s relatively new to the Tumblr zine world, so it requires a lot of support, but having read the first issue, it’s worth your money!

Girls Get Busy is a feminist creative platform that supports female-identified artists, writers, and musicians. It encourages girls and women to pursue their passions and get involved in the world.

Muchacha is a quarterly fanzine that seeks to promote the “F” word feminism, encourage involvement in DIY music/art communities & inspire participation in grassroots activism. It also has lots of representation for women of color.

GRRRL ASYLUM is a feminist, sex positive, body positive, women’s rights zine.